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Wondering what else can you do when you come for a hearty meal? 


Mayfield Lavender Fields

Mayfield Lavender, situated in the charming town of Banstead, Surrey, is a captivating escape into nature's beauty. This family-run lavender farm unfolds a mesmerizing panorama of endless purple fields, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the sensory delight of vibrant colors and soothing fragrances. Beyond its visual charm, Mayfield Lavender offers a tranquil retreat, allowing guests to stroll through sustainable and eco-friendly lavender fields, providing a serene respite from the hustle of daily life. Whether seeking a peaceful getaway, family outing, or a picturesque backdrop, Mayfield Lavender in Banstead, Surrey, promises a memorable experience in the heart of nature's enchantment.


Priory Park

Priory Park in Reigate and Banstead is a thriving ecosystem, home to 13 bird species of national conservation concern, including the enchanting Song Thrush, majestic Kestrel, and vibrant Kingfisher. There is also a play area which includes a sensory play area and a splash area.The lake hosts Moorhens, Mallards, Coots, and Canada Geese. With 330 recorded invertebrate species, including 15 butterflies, 92 beetles, and 66 types of bees, wasps, or ants, the park is a haven for biodiversity. Six types of bats, including the rare Serotine Bat, grace the skies at night. On land, mammals like foxes, Roe Deer, moles, grey squirrels, field voles, and rabbits add to the park's charm. Priory Park is not just scenic; it's a vibrant sanctuary of nature's wonders.


Banstead Woods

Banstead Woods, nestled in Surrey, England, spans approximately 250 acres of serene woodland characterized by a rich tapestry of broadleaf trees, including oak, beech, and chestnut. This picturesque haven allures nature enthusiasts and families alike, offering a tranquil escape into its natural beauty. Visitors revel in the well-maintained network of trails suitable for walking, jogging, and cycling, where they can absorb the scenic vistas and relish encounters with diverse wildlife. With remnants of ancient settlements and traces of historical industries, the woods boast both natural splendor and historical significance. Throughout the year, Banstead Woods host engaging events, educational programs, and community activities, fostering a cherished space for exploration, relaxation, and appreciation of nature's wonders.

Epsom Racecourse

Epsom Racecourse is an Iconic venue famed for hosting the prestigious Epsom Derby, a revered flat horse racing event dating back to the 18th century. Boasting a rich heritage and panoramic views of the countryside, the racecourse draws throngs of spectators each June for the Derby, considered one of the most esteemed races globally. Its challenging track, characterized by undulating terrain and the renowned Tattenham Corner, poses a thrilling test for horses and jockeys alike. Beyond the Derby, the racecourse stages an array of racing fixtures and diverse events throughout the year, inviting enthusiasts to experience the excitement, glamour, and heritage of horse racing within a vibrant and engaging setting.


Credit : Mark Sadlier

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